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Box Model

Noble Electronics introduced high frequency PVC welding machine knows by box model.
This machine is suitable for sealing/welding thin or rigid PVC sheets in any shapes.
It is available in manual foot pedal press capacity of 1.5kW.

Standard FEATURES: Single Phases machine
  • Separate fuse given for the line current which protects the costly parts of the machine against any damage from variations in power, defect in power connection etc.
    This fuse are easily convertable.
  • No warm up period is required.
  • All controls are visible and easy to operate during the operations.
  • A build in electronic timer, rated 0-10secs governs the working cycle automatically for the control of quality throughout.
  • Ensure highest rate of production and hence profitability.

  • Applications:
    Rain wears, chemical suits, visitor chart album, photo albums, air inflated toys, vehicle seat-covers, wallets, watch-belts, belts, bags, cases, covers, pouches,
    auto upholstery, vinyl welding, stationery blister packing, pharmaceuticals suits, making of shelter cinema screen sline and glucose tube etc...
    (A large variety of products which our machine are capable of turning out from PVC plastic sheets, PVC films, PVC leather cloth and rexine).

    Power input 240 volts, 50Hz, Single phase
    Power Output 1200W Approx
    Frequency 27MHz/secs
    Oscilllator tube 833A
    Welding area 25 sq.cms Max
    Rectifier Silicon-Bridge
    Timer 0-10secs, auto(electronic)
    Size of Working plate 16"x22"(40x50cms)
    Machine Size 130x45x100cms
    Weight 150kg approx
    Pressure Manual foot-pedal

    About Us
    Noble Electronic is one of the leading company of India, having five decades of experience In the industry. Our organization deals in manufacturing of High frequency PVC Welding machines. These machines are precisely engineered to catch demands of various industries. Giving you the best quality at lowest price is our commitment. The manufacturing procedure is undertaken by our expert high qualified technician and manufacturing engineers. Its our principle "credit is the basis, quality is the life, innovation is the pursue, service is the main", keep the quality promise for customers focuses an introducing and cultivating talent, co-operates with many science and research institute, has strong testing power and perfect testing which make final output manufactured by Noble Electronics.
    Contact Us
    Noble Electronics
    Address : Unit No. 92, first flr, J.Karia Industrial Estate, 35/43, Musa Killedar street, Jacob Cirle, Mumbai : 400011 Maharastra (India)
    Mobile: (+91) 9892502526 | 9867939496
    Email: noble.electronics1965@gmail.com